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Hi, I am Kim Davis, an NLP Master Practitioner living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Kim Davis

I started training in NLP in 1992, and it has been profoundly valuable in every part of my life. I became an NLP practitioner in 1994 and completed Master practitioner in 1996 with Inform Training and Research (certified to international standards with INLPTA).

I am not writing this site as an “expert” but as someone who has overcome both stress and anxiety from necessity. In 1986 I developed chronic fatigue. Way back then, no one knew what it was, least of all me. I just knew I could no longer cope well with anything. Having limited energy, I could also no longer afford the luxury of putting up with stressful conditions. I had to learn how to do things differently.

This site is about what I have learned over the years. From my own experiences and from my extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming that was part of my search to really just feel better. I have also struggled with depression.

I have degrees in Business Administration and Multimedia and a Masters degree in e Learning. As you might have guessed, I love to learn, ok so maybe I am even a nerd.

I am passionate also about business and change management, and Internet programming. I have a lovely daughter and 2 granddaughters. My relationship with my daughter was not always good – it’s improved since I became a human being probably. My relationships overall are also much less stressful.

The purpose of this site is to help others on their journey. I was fortunate to have the time and resources to do lots of expensive training and read many books. I also consider the chronic fatigue a huge blessing – it forced me to make many changes to my lifestyle, that being a previously ambitious type A personality, I probably wouldn’t have done easily.

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